Ice Cold E-Liquids For The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is at last here – bringing 18 days of merciless ice skating, 100mph downhill activity and additional elating occasions (and twisting).

Yet, with competitors previously posting shuddering selfies and windchill temperatures anticipated to go as low as – 25°C, will Pyeongchang in South Korea be excessively cold for the games?

Show fortitude

We have gathered eight of the coldest vape juices seasons MY BAR Plus Mint that we think going to help vapers show fortitude with the freezing competitors in Team USA.

With freezing menthol top picks and a couple of crisp drink and organic product mixes tossed in – these super cold vape juice flavors are ideal rewards for when you’re watching the Winter Olympic activity.

Stripped 100 Brain Freeze

A sensitive blend of strawberry, kiwi and pomegranate flavors moves passed up an impact of cold breeze. Vaping this super cold e-fluid is presumably the nearest you can get to feeling like you are in Pyeongchang while you watch the games on your love seat.

Jug size: 60ml

PG/VG: 30/70

Accessible in: 0/3/6mg Menthol Tobacco

There’s nothing more Team USA than this exemplary American tobacco mix with a cool menthol spike. The tobacco is pretty much as fulfilling as new lines through powdered snow and the menthol is more keen than a couple of figure skates.