Who Is God the Father?

God the Father is the preeminent being, the Alpha and Omega of creation. Depicted in the Old Testament as acting “with steadfast love towards a huge number of the individuals who love Me and keep My precepts” (Ex 20:2-6) and in the New Testament as “our Father in paradise” (Mt 6:9), a considerable lot of us recognize that God exists, with numerous if not the greater part of the individuals who think saying that, “We have confidence in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of paradise and earth, and of everything obvious and imperceptible” as affirmed in the Creed. In any case, how much do we truly know our superb Father particularly in this post-Christian day and age? That is, how much do we know our Father on an individual premise, in spite of all our ordinary or not-so-normal callings of confidence?

God the Father is the maker of the universe, the Maker of all humanity (Gn 1:1-33, 2:1-25). He is our Father truly. As kids who are in a real sense the result of His handicraft, our Father loves us with endless love and significantly wants to be the focal piece of our lives. Truth be told, our Eternal Father seriously aches for us to build up a close connection with Him: a relationship described by sincere and progressing discussions of private sharing, comparably to the type of relationship that we would typically have with our natural dads. Normally, such discussions with our heavenly Father would happen inside the setting of the exemplification of utilitarian kid father connections. In any case, for what reason would our Father want us to grow such closeness with Him, given that He is the Almighty and transcendent God – He positively needn’t bother with us?

God the Father significantly wants to be available tous, inus, with us and for us as Father, throughout our every day daily routines – as He needs us to experience correspondingly in Him, with Him, for Him and through Him – in light of the fact that that is His essential capacity as first Person of the Holy Trinity. He is the Father of everybody and all that has at any point existed, exists and is yet to exist, notwithstanding the continuous and unyielding disavowal of many with respect to a particularly Father George Rutler essential unchanging reality. Our heavenly Father made us with an affection that we can’t start to comprehend; love that must be knowledgeable about request to begin being accepted. He made us so He could get a kick out of us as His kids thus that we also could take full joy and thoroughly enjoy Him as our Father. The entirety of this on the grounds that, in both substance and certainty, we are the human result of His workmanship: we are the solitary creatures on earth with undying spirits and whom our Father chose to make in His own picture and resemblance (Gn 1:27).

The pleasure of God the Father in making people as His youngsters quickly got blurred over, not long after the beginning, by and through the first sin submitted by our first guardians (Gn 3:1-24). However, our Father’s exceptional and passionate longing to be both with us and in us, getting a charge out of us as His youngsters, won’t ever reduce. Undoubtedly, it developed dramatically to the degree that He sent us His lone conceived Son, Jesus Christ, to recover us in His sight, on the grounds that our Father didn’t need us to go through the torments that we would somehow have needed to go through, all together for the entryway restoring admittance to our Father to be re-opened (Mk 14:10-72, 15:1-47, 16:1-20). In the interim in our current time, our Father has been and is getting progressively available to every single one of us in a way exceptionally suggestive of the Old Testament period. The Eternal Father is continuing to expand His quality on earth thusly for two chief reasons: first, He can’t tolerate being isolated from His youngsters any more, through the distance by and by existing between us. Second, now is the ideal opportunity ready for His rule to build up itself completely on earth, as we have been requesting that he do through the Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:10) for more than 2,000 years.