Software For Physical Therapists: Streamlining Your Billing And Accounts Receivable

If you haven’t yet tried the latest software for physical therapists, your PT clinic is probably still struggling to keep up with patient invoicing and accounts receivable. In this day and age, that can quickly cripple the profitability of your practice and even put you in the position of having to justify your invoicing practices. If you still haven’t invested in ERP software for physical therapy, you or your office manager need to explore the options and select a program that will fit your clinic’s size, income flow and individualized needs. There are several reasons to purchase a comprehensive package for invoicing and other practice management needs, including:

Easy Access To Patient Billing Information

Look for ERP software for physical therapy that gives users quick access to both past and current patient billing information so that you can pull up any information needed when a patient is in your office or has called with a question. Scrambling to find the information can give the impression that your staff is unprofessional or disorganized. Electronic billing solutions can sort information using a wide variety of criteria, including type of health insurance, method of payment and age of the account. Helpful alerts can signal when accounts are past due or delinquent.

Customized Electronic PT Billing Software Decreases Time Between Cycles

We all intend to invoice our patients on a regular schedule, but in many cases, the realities of managing a PT practice can get in the way. Too often, at the end of the month you simply don’t have time to manually review accounts receivable, find any aging accounts that are still outstanding, and produce the voluminous number of invoices needed. With customized programs for physical therapists, it’s easy to bill regularly without putting in a lot of overtime on nights and weekends. Automation means you can quickly produce accurate invoices that are sorted by a variety of Home health physical therapy (PT) documentation software criteria, including types of claim or the insurance coverage provider.

Batch sorting and checking can confirm that insurance forms are filled out properly and that no claims will be rejected for insufficient information. The right electronic PT billing software can even catch mistakes in coding or missing information, cutting down on the time you’ll need to spend on filing health coverage appeals.

Improving Professionalism

Any time you or one of your staff physical therapists work with patients, they should be putting forth a professional image that reflects well on your practice as a whole. Hand-written instructions, poorly worded statements and missing i